About Us

The mission of the Putnam County Council on Aging, Inc. is to provide services that will enable Putnam County residents, age 60 and better, to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Putnam County Council on Aging, Inc. offers a wide array of services to support senior citizens age 60 and better.  Our services include: Aging in Place Home Assessments, Chore Services, Educational Workshops, Fall Prevention Classes, Information and Referral Services, Medical Equipment Loan Closet, Outreach by a Licensed Social Worker, Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visitor Program, Transportation, and “We Thrive Together: Virtual Programs.  The Council on Aging has friendly and dedicated staff members who are committed to improving the quality of life for Putnam County senior citizens.  When you come to the Council on Aging, we want you to feel at home, whether it’s your first -time here or if you have been receiving assistance for years.  To learn more about the Council on Aging, please call 419-523-4121 or toll-free 1-877-796-1760.

    “After having my leg partially amputated, I needed 30 hyperbaric treatments over a 6-week period.  I knew there was no way my children could take that much time away from work to transport me to these daily appointments.  The Council was the light at the end of the tunnel.  They gave me hope!  If it wasn’t for the Council on Aging’s transportation services, I would have lost more of my leg and I would have had no hope for a prosthetic.”

    Dick – Ottawa


    With the help from the Council on Aging, I have been able to stay in independent living.  They do a great job getting my groceries, and when I need transportation to the doctor, I can depend on them to get me there.  Thank you, Putnam County Council on Aging.”

    Pat – Leipsic


    “What a blessing the Putnam County Council on Aging has been!  They transport me to my doctor appointments.  The drivers are all very kind and helpful getting me into and out of their many different vehicles and the doctor offices.  My daughter takes me to my appointments but she is not always available.  The Council is a must for older people.”

    Diane – Kalida

    “I’m so glad we have an organization like the Council on Aging.  It’s so comforting to talk to the staff to let them know I am OK here in my home.  Everyone is so kind and I am so thankful for all of them.  They provide an excellent service for anyone who lives alone and I highly recommend this great organization.”

    Ann – Columbus Grove


    “I am a wheelchair bound, dialysis patient from Putnam County.  I depend on the Council on Aging for transportation 3 times a week to my treatments.  They also take me to pick-up my groceries, get my hair done, and so many other little things that I need to do, I have no other form of transportation, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to get around.  This service is very needed in the county because we don’t have a bus or taxi system here, and older people who can’t drive and don’t have family close, greatly depend on the Council on Aging.”

    Rosa – Ottawa


    “The Council on Aging is a real asset when there is an illness in the family.  They easily help schedule transportation for medical appointments.  Their Loan Closet is great when home health equipment is needed.  The Council on Aging is a positive organization for Putnam County.”

    Linda – Pandora


    “The Council on Aging is very important to me when family isn’t available to get me back and forth to doctor appointments.  I feel it is very important option for seniors in the community.  The Council actually took my mother and I’m so thankful these services are still available today.  Please consider supporting the levy in November so that these wonderful services can continue to help the next generation.”

    Ruth – Columbus Grove