Senior Services Levy

Thank you for your vote and support of the

Putnam County Council on Aging’s Senior Services Levy!




This page is designed to bring awareness and information on the Putnam County Council on Aging’s Senior Services Levy, which was first approved by voters in 1986.  The initial levy was for 0.1 mill and covered funding for two years, 1987 and 1988.  It passed by a 61% margin.  The Council on Aging went back to the voters in 1988 to replace the original levy with an increase bringing it to a 0.2 mill levy for 5 years.  Every 5 years thereafter, the Council went back to the voters to approve the senior services levy, which passed with strong support and has passed in every precinct for years.  The most recent levy (1 mill) was on the ballot in 2022 and passed by a margin of 75%. That levy covers funding from 2024 through 2028.

The Senior Services Levy is the primary funding source for the Putnam County Council on Aging.  It is needed because the principle Federal funding source for aging services, the Older American’s Act, has not kept pace with the cost of living or the growing number of older adults.  Therefore, there has been a shift from State and Federal funding to alternate funding sources, such as local senior levies, to fill the gaps in funding.  Without the local senior services levy, services for seniors would be almost non-existent in our county.

The Putnam County Senior Services Levy will help ensure residents, age 60 and better, will continue to receive vital services offered by the Putnam County Council on Aging now and into the future, so the older residents of our community can remain living independently in their own home.

The funding from the Putnam County Council on Aging’s Senior Services Levy is reserved for providing services to Putnam County residents, age 60 and better, and is authorized by section 5705.19(Y) of the Ohio Revised Code.  Levy monies help fund services for the older adult residents of our community to remain independent in their own homes by proving help with:

  • Aging in Place Home Assessments
  • Chore Services
  • Educational Workshops and Special Events
  • Informational and Referral Services
  • Matter of Balance Fall Prevention Classes
  • Medical Equipment Loan Closet
  • Outreach by a Licensed Social Worker
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visitor Program
  • Transportation
  • We Thrive Together Virtual Programs.

The Senior Services Levy serves us all and benefits our entire community.  Seniors have access to much needed services that will assist them in remaining independent in their own home.  It has kept married spouses together, helped working families keep mom and dad at home, and benefited local businesses whose employees struggle to balance work and caregiving responsibilities.  Spouses, children, and caregivers also have peace of mind knowing there are caring individuals to lend a helping hand in the care of their loved ones.  The community benefits by providing cost-efficient community-based services versus the cost of other options, which can be a higher burden to tax payers.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the Senior Services Levy or services offered by the Putnam County Council on Aging, please call 419-523-4121 or toll-free 1-877-796-1760.