• Meet the staff

    Jodi Warnecke – Executive Director

    Angie Heitmeyer – Fiscal Manager

    Pam Jones – Outreach Specialist

    Mary Maas – Community Outreach Coordinator/Aging in Place Specialist

    Cindy Niese – Transportation Coordinator

    Kathleen Edwards – Driver

    Dee Annesser – Driver

    Dick Wehri – Driver

    Ron Fuller – Driver

    Peg Niese – Driver

    Lawrence Recker – Driver

    Denny Ellerbrock – Driver

    Carmen Bremer – Driver

    Barb Verhoff – Driver

    Ron Heitmeyer – Driver

    Dianne Leatherman – Driver

    Cindy Maag – Driver

    Jerry Dickman – Driver

    Ken Korte – Driver

    Dave Niese – Driver

    Ted Shalter – Driver

    Mike George – Chore Supervisor

    Larry Schroeder – Chore Worker

    Stan Myers – Chore Worker

  • Board of Trustees

    President: Mary Jo Bockrath

    Vice President: Mary Grote

    Treasurer: Ruth Lucke

    Board Member / Area Represented

    Carey Arthur – Pandora & Riley Twp.

    Mary Jo Bockrath – Glandorf and Ottawa Twp.

    Mary Burkhart – Cloverdale and Perry Twp.

    Mary Diller – Columbus Grove and Vaughnsville

    Judy Gerdeman – Blanchard Twp.

    Mary Grote – Kalida and Jackson Twp.

    Dorothy Hanefeld – Continental, Monroe & Palmer Twp.

    Joe Kaufman – Miller City and Liberty Twp.

    Cheryl Kleman – Ottoville and Monterey Twp.

    Ruth Lucke – Fort Jennings and Jennings Twp.

    Faye Myers – Pandora & Riley Twp.

    Serafin “Joe” Orduno – Leipsic and Liberty Twp.

    Jed Osborn – Belmore & Liberty Twp.

    Joe Schroeder – Ottawa & Ottawa Twp.

    Tim Wehri – Kalida & Jackson Twp.